A night of roasted garlic

What do you do when you have five varieties of roasted garlic?  Have a tasting of course.

Raw tastings are preferred by garlic purists but we opted to roast the garlic and serve with a few sides.  We roasted a head each of Leningrad, Yi Chang, Killarney Red, Siberian, and Inchelium and the crowd favorites were Yi Ching and Siberian for their smooth and mild flavors.   Perhaps next time we’ll offer a raw tasting as well.

One thought on “A night of roasted garlic

  1. Hi Patty, it was a pleasure meeting you at the ArtFest in Loomis this weekend.
    How did the wedding go? I’m going thru your website and enjoying it…wish ours was
    ready to go. Let’s keep in touch. J

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