Sheep in the pasture

Pastures at the Flying Coyote Farm are maintained by a flock of purebred Jacob sheep and a smaller group of Jacob/Romney crosses.  Five llamas have provided companionship and have acted as guards to protect the sheep from roaming coyotes.  In 2007 the group was joined by Misty, the enthusiastic Miremma dog who REALLY has kept the coyotes away!  No more sheep loss since she joined our pastures!!  We process the wool from our sheep to make raw fleeces, roving and yarn available for our use and for sale.  We have been members of the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association since the onset of our flock’s beginnings and find it full of knowledgable, friendly and helpful folks who are always ready to provide guidance and support.  The organization provides a mechanism for registering purebred sheep so the breed standard can be maintained.  Jacob sheep have been close to endangered in years past but are working their way back into a level of stability.  They are intelligent, wiley sheep with independent natures, a smaller and more manageable size than sheep bred purely for meat.  However, for owners who are so inclined, they are quite marketable for meat because of their delicious flavor.  We at Flying Coyote Farm have moved out of the breeding activities and are now focused more on using the wool.  These animals have become our beloved pets and are difficult to put into packages!

Ready to knit yarn

Jacob wool comes in a range of fineness.  It is LOVELY to use in spinning.  A single fleece ranges from 2.5 to 5 pounds in finished weight so purchase for experimentation is quite reasonable.  It also will give a wide variety of color options because of the black, white, grey and sometimes “lilac” colors coming from it’s spots!